Monday, March 6, 2017

Eden's guests!

Here is depicted a serpentine type image, that someone thought enough of to make a pendant, 'graven image', of, a serpent with arms and legs, possibly an intelligent critter, who could swing from a tree,. seductively, and decieve Eve. But God made quick work of Him,...
upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shelt thou eat, all the days of thy life,... Gen.3:14

I assume he was well known to early human's, and we associate snakes with evil to this very day. We can't possibly know exactly what occured in the 'Garden of Eden' if there was one, and I believe there was! But I do have my 'poetic license'!

Sons of God!

"..when the 'sons of God' saw the 'daughter's of men' that they were fair, they took them wife's, of all they chose... Gen. 6:2 "

" offspring were giants. Gen 6:4 "

Giants yes, but perhaps not as big as the one depicted!
The Bible depict's many encounter's with aliens or their offspring, only the alien's were thought of as 'god's', and their offspring as 'mighty men of old'.
Advanced technology, being able to fly through the air, the 'fire' show's, etc. were pretty convincing to a primitive people.

Meanwhile, the other side of the world, was seeing blue men, who had another set of arms,(see the side panel) and elephant like snout.

All sizes!

These skeleton's from head to toe, are only 6 inches tall.

If we had encountered them in the flesh, might they have offered us a pot of gold, to avoid telling anyone of their existence or where about's? Are they leprechaun's ?

Known as 'Atacama man' because he was found in a deserted Chilean town in the Atacama desert, in 2003, (see side penal). The other one was found in Russia.

Them bone's

google skeleton's.


here is as near as I can come.